I did it!  I actually did it!

Ever since hearing about a seller at the TeachersPayTeachers Conference last week who works on products while getting exercise at her treadmill desk, I have been like a dog with a bone!  Talk about the ultimate multi-tasker!

I finished "building" my treadmill desk (directions here) yesterday and was looking forward to trying it out all day.  Clint did ask where this fell with my recent conviction to honor the Sabbath and not work, but if I'm this excited about it, I don't think it qualifies as work!

Treadmill desk made with a folding table and PVC pipes

I'll admit that I am NOT an exercise enthusiast.  Clint is an amazing runner who's completed 2 marathons to date and dozens of half marathons.  I go to races to cheer him on and feel inspired when I see 80-year-olds crossing the finish line.  I've come home countless times determined to become a runner.

I get on all of the gear and start running, thinking "I can do this ... I can do this ... I can do this" ... and before I hit a half mile it turns to "I CAN'T do this!"

So today is a victory.  As I worked on my Genius Hour Interactive Notebook (to be posted soon), I completed 71 minutes of WALKING and hit 2.41 miles.  Walking at a break-neck speed of 2.  With 0 incline.

But it's a start!


  1. Do you still like the set-up? I'm considering this option, but I'm concerned it may be a bit wobbly.

  2. I am still LOVING it! I haven't had trouble with wobbling, though it is on top of one of those foam exercise mats so that may help. I've also seen versions with L-connectors and extra pipe connecting the bottom of the legs for even more support. I say go for it!!!