How to Build Relationships with Teachers as an Instructional Coach: Use Your Calendar

Calendar to Help Build Relationships

It is important to build relationships with teachers as an instructional coach.

In this post, I share a strategy I use to strengthen my relationships with teachers. I love to use my calendar or planner to set reminders to follow up with co-workers after learning about important events or milestones they may have coming up.

What to look for in this post:
  • The value of building relationships with teachers as an instructional coach
  • Using a calendar to strengthen relationships with teachers

If you prefer to hear me talk through this, here is a video featuring all of this content:

[0:10] The Value of Building Relationships with Teachers as an Instructional Coach

When I first started coaching, I did not realize how truly valuable relationships were. I knew they were important, but I also tend to be more task-oriented. I have a Type A personality and I am driven by getting things done.

Working with teachers, however, I learned that I can’t be that way 100% of the time and still be an effective instructional coach. So whenever I have conversations with teachers, I try to learn about their personal lives. I ask about what is going on with their kids, and I take a general interest in them as people.

[0:47] Using a Calendar to Strengthen Relationships with Teachers

Whenever teachers share something personal with me, I try to make a note in my calendar. I live by my Google calendar, so I can see those notifications and follow up with them about a family member’s surgery, a child’s birthday, or any other significant event in their lives. Making these personal connections lets them know that I care and that I am interested in them.

Teachers are more willing to work with me later as a COACH when they know me first as a person

Strong relationships increase the odds that teachers will be willing to work with me later as an instructional coach. They will know me as a person, and they will know that I have taken a personal interest in them as well.

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