Mapping Our World

For map skills, I read students the book Mapping Penny's World.  They really got into all the maps and immediately started asking if they could make their own!  I told them they would have a chance to do that, but they would have to wait.  I loved the freebie from TeachersPayTeachers called Mapping Our World and did a little tweaking to make it work for our SNB.  I printed a map key for each student because I could fit 12 on a page (have I mentioned enough on here that I'm being SUPER picky about how to spend my copies?!?) and prepared a SMART Notebook presentation to walk students through what to do.  They did a fantastic job and really loved it!

My picture below is from my SNB which lists the instructions instead of an actual map like theirs.  I had decided that my copy of the SNB would be set up with the intention that students who were absent (or didn't finish) could go to my copy during station time to make up what they missed which has worked out extremely well for all of us.

*I will try to come back later and add a student sample.

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