American Flag Timeline

My friend who teaches 3rd Grade ELA next door to me likes to start the year with a close read of The Pledge of Allegiance.  To support her focus, I spent almost a week teaching timelines by incorporating the American flag.  Based on a worksheet from called "American Flag Time Line," I copied the flag's most significant dates into a table in Word.  I printed and laminated 5 different color copies and hid them around the classroom.  Tables worked as teams and each were given one of the cards so they would know what color their group was.  They had to find their team's cards, return them to their table and order the events by the date listed on the card.  We worked together to build a timeline in their SNB's and I showed pictures of the flag at each point using this picture timeline on  Here is a picture of my SNB page:

We made our line down the left side, started at the bottom, then worked our way up, talking about each event and how to best summarize the information on each card before writing it.

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